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Digital Press Kit
Official Website: www.uglyduckling.us
Primary Contact: info@uglyduckling.us

Latest Album
Album Name: Moving at Breakneck Speed
Produced By: Ugly Duckling
Release Date: October 2011
Download album bio: breakneck_bio.pdf

Track Listing
1. Keep Movin'
2. Momentum
3. $100 Weekend
4. Elevation
5. I Wonder Where She Is Now
6. One Horse Town
7. Anything Can Happen
8. How It Used To Be
9. Einstein Buys A Monkey
10. Run For The Light
11. Sprint!
12. Homecoming
13. The Breakneck Theme
14. Endless Summer

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Download Photos: presskit_photos.zip

     They’re still here. After five albums and more than a decade of touring Ugly Duckling continues to make music with independence and integrity. While most people in the entertainment business attempt to constantly reinvent themselves, UD has remained happily naïve when it comes to the latest industry attitudes, fashion trends, and state-of-the-art production techniques preferring instead to develop and stand by their own signature sound. “We’ve seen so many phases come and go that it all seems silly to us now,” says Andy, “Good music and top level, live performance are really our only concerns.
     Young Einstein, Dizzy Dustin and Andy Cooper formed Ugly Duckling way back in 1993 in their hometown of Long Beach, California. Growing up in the 1980s, they were raised on a classic hip hop diet but were especially influenced by the mostly New York-based and production-focused groups of the late 80’s and early 90’s (such as A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatnuts, Diamond D, Gangstarr, etc.) Strangely enough, Ugly Duckling started out at exactly the same time Long Beach was becoming known as a focal point of hip hop culture due to the “G-Funk” style made popular by local acts like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Domino and Tha Dogg Pound (lots of dogs, huh?) Unsurprisingly, Ugly Duckling was not a part of this “gangsta” movement and chose their band name to reflect that feeling. Despite the odds and, as usual, against the prevailing currents, UD began honing a sound based on funky drum breaks, souldrenched musical loops, and massive horn sections. When it came to the group’s vocal style, Andy and Dizzy created a unique, back-and-forth flow to showcase rhythmic and poetic skill with a special humor that inspires head nodding smiles. With that they began crawling their way toward a career in hip hop, but it would not be an overnight process."
Download full bio: ud_bio.pdf

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