La Revolucion
Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop
Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop
Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop
Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop

Hiding in the desert between the sand dunes
Haven’t slept in three moons, I’m running on fumes
Plus I’m feeling sick with Montezuma's Revenge
But I know I can’t quit until the madness ends

We gotta keep moving, we’re too close
And the enemy’s scared, man we got ‘em on the ropes
So hold your pistola on the low, and your head high
Look ‘em dead in the eye and shout the war cry
People stand up, let’s start a revolution
I’m fed up with being pushed around
We gotta fight back and start a revolution
It’s about time that we stood our ground
You see, it was ten or so years ago
When they rolled up in to town and stole the show
They used sex, intimidation, and violence to plunder
And take the people under like pirates
They started spreading their seeds about
And we tried to resist but they squeezed us out
So we went underground, off the map
Now were on our way back (now were on our way back)

Now, I had a strategy, take ‘em out rapidly
Break into their stronghold and blow the battery
I called a meeting and I drew up the plans
Volunteers, fifty men then threw up their hands
I need one group on the boulevard
When you’re signaled just shoot with no regard
It’s only a distraction, so no killing
As you make noise we’ll break in the main building
And head for the stash spots, with the cash box
We’ll take it all and bleed ‘em till their last drops
Then we’ll need to tie up the guards
Cut the phone lines and set the charge
We’ll make our escape and listen as the guns blow
Turn around and watch the walls crumble
Finally we get what’s rightfully ours
And put those who held us back behind bars
So, hit the sack at the crack of dawn
Its time to rise up, the attack is on
The next morning we gathered on a prairie
Looking down on the town from a cemetery

I told the boys tighten up your boots
Put on your sombrero
Today we go in to overthrow the pharaoh
We rode to town but everything was vacant
Except for one vagrant asleep on the pavement
We were puzzled, then the church bell rung
And someone shouted “stop the rebellion”
We all ducked and ran for protection
Gunshots struck from every direction
Man what had happened, we must have been spied out
Later I heard we had a traitor in our hideout
We were in trouble, this could be our last stand
Then I saw a masked man jump out of a trash can
He took aim and caught my arm
A half a foot to the left I’d have bought the farm
I was alive but I couldn’t stay vertical
Fallin to the dirt below like I had vertigo
I crawled out of the street into a pool hall
Out of bullets, so I threw a cue ball
Now I’m surrounded, it’s looking grim
They yelled “come out or were coming in”
I said boys can you say it again
Reloaded my weapon and I started to grin
The odds are long and I might not live
But I’m coming out shootin like the Sundance Kid

Alright, we’ve got you surrounded
Now come out with your hands up
Or it’s gonna get ugly, and I mean ugly
(You’ll never take me alive)
Gentlemen, lets proceed


Start a revolution
Start the revolution