$100 Weekend
Everybody knows that you've gotta work hard
There's no substitute if you want to get far
But sometimes you need to have a little fun
If you're too wound up you're gonna come undone
It doesn't take much luggage just a little duffel
Throw it in the back and fasten your belt buckle
See, we're not going on a spending spree
'Cause it doesn't cost much to make a memory
Anywhere that you go a good time abounds
From the big cities to the one horse towns
At roadside inns and camping grounds
Get out of control or just laze and lounge
Keep movin' that's the new philosophy
It's not the destination it's more about the odyssey
We're gonna test fate to the great unknown
And just roam, rolling 'til we've gotta come home
You've got obligations but I know you wanna go
Leave it 'til monday be a little irresponsible
'Cause you need a break time time for some action
Grab your rations and pack the aspirin
Hey come along they'll be plenty to see
You've got 80 bucks another 20 you're free
It's a place you don't need to drive a Bentley to be
A hundred dollars buys a lot if you spend it with me

I can't wait 'til the day I'm leavin'
48 hours and not much sleepin'
I can't wait 'til the day I'm leavin'
I'm done here see you on a hundred dollar weekend

I can do the driving, I'm chilling in the backseat
Lean against the window, get a little half sleep
Einstein's shotgun so you've got to navigate
And when it gets late man, you better stay awake
Everybody pitch in for some snacks and treats
I'm tapped looking for change in the backseats
'Cause the car hire took all I had in the bank
Coop here's 40 for the fuel in the tank
Then we're all set let's get on the road
And roll all night on zombie mode
I'll smash the gas pedal and pass the last level
A flash through the dust so fast it can't settle
Where we goin', San Fran or Mexico?
We could hit the dessert, I heard that there's a festival
I just want to camp on the beach like a vegetable
Einstein what'cha wanna do? I'm flexible
Some people love plush resorts
They've got mineral baths and racquetball courts
There's hair salons and the souvenir shops
High class dining and rude bell hops
But there's another option that we prefer
Head down the highway and leave a blur
And sure, you're gonna be a hundred dollars in debt
But get 48 hours you'll never forget


Hit the road, c'mon let's go (repeat)