Shoot Your Shot
Here we go

Shoot your shot
Man, I wanna know what you got
Load it up and hit that spot
Grab the mic and shoot your shot

(Thes One)
Hey yo, P.U.T.S. and UD, you be truly blessed
Rap panelist, Thes handle this like an analyst
(Yes) yes y'all the Einstein rhythm and rhyme
Combines like red wine and Tylenol
(Oooh) the grown relaxing in the field
But don't sleep, P counts green not sheep
With K Jax, he rolls up the weed like haystacks
To bath tub down on you scrubs like Ajax
You池e too fruity to rip the rooty tooty with your loofah
New booty ladies too lazy to raise the roof up
The plug desenchufa, could the crew get any doper
Man we own this, live under the stairs like Mr. Roper
Home of the (new) generation, we got the torch
Let me call into (U)D Dustin to bust 粗m off
Blown Celeb and resurrecting the dead with 3 day block
Posse cut resurrection instead so pass the rock

I知 about to pop the clip in as I stop the opposition
You gotta cop a listen when I知 knockin like a piston
I spit arsenic so I知 hard to miss
Your in a (daze) cuz I (blaze) like an arsonist
I come up in the house like a thief in the night
And electrify a crowd like keys on a kite
(Stay calm) before I drop the napalm
Find yourself caught in a dangerous liaison
Lay it on thick, brick by brick, lickety split
Rhymes are fat like Jiminy Glick
You want beef here's a hickory stick, I shoot the gift
You won't know it till it's over like a mystery flick
To put it blunt, I pack a punch like a school lunch
Got no time for punks they take lumps
So (please) stop bugging for my honeycombs
Or I値l hit you in the funny bone

[Chorus] x2

(I will)
Andy's the name, takin aim like Calamity Jane
In a rap's last stand I知 the man who remains
When I claim to pack heat, know my ammunition
Is my flow and rhythm (so) I知 armed to the teeth
My lungs are gun powder, throat cold and narrow
So when I open my mouth you're looking down the barrel
Of an emcee sniper, eye in the scope
Reigning down rounds of rhyme, fire, and smoke (boom)
Lighting strikes twice from my mic device
Cuz when I write it's like guns in knife fights
There's no competition so I don't listen
You think you're dope here's a penny, go wishin
I shoot to kill, better know the odds
Or wind up on boot hill, man get out of dodge
UD plus Thes One and Double K
We all just laugh when your record is played

Ain稚 nothing funny, what y誕ll laughin at
Yeah, it痴 K Jackson over here with my homeboys
You know what I知 saying
I知 just helpin 粗m out on this microphone
It goes hippa to the hoppa and it just don't stoppa
I知 dressed in all black with my man K Jax
I got thrown in the slammer, I tried to battle Hammer
They wanna interview me so I spit in the camera
You know I love Pac, that's why I got shot
Had to gain some credibility, now everybody feelin me
I知 on VH1 and MTV
I知 down with DJ EZ Rock and I知 back with UD
It takes one to roll the blunt, it takes two to get jumped
And I be hanging at the church house looking for sluts
I hate rap music but, see, I知 so damn good
My homey told me "boy, get it like I know that you could
So I stole the microphone, wrote rhymes on my own
When I go to Burger King all the chicks are on my bone
It grows and grows and grows gets a little bigger
You wanna see me skeet, baby girl pull the trigger
I致e got bang for your butt and I hate posse cuts
I知 a one mic thriller, I知 a soft beverage chiller
Whoever takes the mic, you better be illa
Now what's the time, everybody say (Miller)

[Chorus] x2