The Takedown
The blood starts pumping, the mind's alert
The goal is in focus, time to work
I've got raw nerves and a loss for words
So you better not knock, do not disturb
My heart palpitates insatiable
Follow my nose, aimed at a place to go
On the path I'm a pack of jungle cats
Who can hunt as long as the hunger lasts
I'm looking for a yes and I hate resistance
You can break it down to the basic instincts
Not gonna wait, better make it instant
Or else stand back at a safer distance
(Shhh) demons whispering
A little idea telling me it's the thing
So I dive down deep to apply surprise
Like a great white killing with lifeless eyes
I might try to stop but I'm out of control
And I'm not cooling off so now that you know
Don't allow me to blow cuz I doubt I can hold
And I'm about to (ahhh)

You better give it to me
It's the take down
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me
I'll take you down

Deep down inside you know you're wrong
Ah man, just relax, it's not that bad
Cuz you took it too far and it's time to stop

Wait, take one minute to think
You gotta stay calm, you're on the brink
Of disaster, pause and catch yourself
Let's make some calls and get some help
You need to understand what a mess you're in
Before I notify your next of kin
It's not that bad, your life's a wreck
And I came to serve the reality check
You think that you're slick and sliding by
When you sit there sipping on cyanide
With the people in your life left high and dry
And don't try to hide those lying eyes
What do you know, I know you're wrong
I know that it's bad and it can't go on
Well what do you want me to do, admit it
Admit it, tell me that I'm right, forget it
I'm out of here and if I burn a bridge (bleep) you
I don't know if I'll return to this
See, It's too late to manipulate
A twist of fate and a lucky break
I am what I am, not a role I can act
And there's no going back and you don't know the half
So if you want to judge and find a fault
I'll bring this talk to a grinding halt

[Chorus] x2