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Audacity, Audacity

Audacity, that's the term of the day
Pertaining to the way a kind of person behaves
A description, hmmm, how would you word it
Maybe it's guts or just being assertive
You can spot 'em in any walk of life
From the prophet type to your boss or wife
And maybe they're vain or plain narcissistic
But equipped with enough heart to risk it
Coming across a bit bold or arrogant
But when they leave we wanna know where they went
So we can cry, “the nerve of that guy”
But with envy cuz we're uncertain and shy
Just wishing to succeed, we run to the well
While he's got everyone under his spell
Like a hard narcotic has an addict hooked
Or a bad car crash where you have to look
They're unconfused, sharing their views
While you just shrug and stare at your shoes
Say what's he got that I don't got
Hmmm, let me take a shot

Audacity, it has to be
Audacity, it has to be
Audacity, it has to be
Audacity, it has to be

Einstein, show audacity (audacity)

Audacious, may be what it takes to make it
To stand out from a crowd of blank faces
Save the caution and common sense
Stand on the fence, you need confidence
To be an icon (what) and do the big interview
When the mics on everybody's into you
Hitting the heights, your name up in the bright lights
Your buying front row seats at the prize fights
Rich and famous movin up the a-list
Night clubs, shows, boob jobs, and face lifts
Gold teeth, clothes, diamond studded bracelets
Lawyers, calling everybody a racist
They're not afraid to be exposed or dismissed
Like big chicks with rolls who wear midriffs
And they appall you cuz they have the gall to
Do the little things that they all do (who)
Rasputin, Warhol, St. Paul, Jefferson
L. Ron Hubbard, Thomas A. Edison
Satchmo, Kool Herc, Godfather used to say "pass the peas"
What did they have, Audacity


On stage, I sometimes wonder why the crowd doesn't laugh at me
Maybe I got audacity
It has to be, audacity
It has to be, audacity
That's UD, you say
How you gonna go and save the best loop
for last on the beat, that's Einstein's audacity