Young Einstein was a music lover from an early age. He began experimenting with his mom's turntables as a boy-genius before moving to his first set of Technics. The legend of his beat digging abilities can be traced back to a time when his massive LP collection was just taking shape. As his spinning prowess grew Einstein came to accept his calling as the backbone of a classic hip-hop trio. Soon after, he would also embrace his role as owner and keeper of the group's un-official mascot, the dookie gold rope, value as yet undetermined.
Dizzy's MC career stretches back about as far as the eye can see. Having been fully immersed in hip hop culture from a young age, rhyming has always been second nature for Diz. Growing up on the north side of Long Beach gave him the chance to sharpen and hone his unique flow into a style that would stand the test of time. From the days of chillin on the couch in the back house to touring around the globe, Dizzy has turned a lifelong passion into his profession. As he once put it, "me without a mic is 23 without the Nikes."
There was nothing more affecting than music in the life of young Andy Cooper, with the possible exception of sports. Hours spent on the blacktop would offer exposure to rap music in it's infancy and lead to a near-compulsive devotion. Ed, Dre, and Fab 5 Freddy became familiar faces as Andy amassed a vault of cassettes and music videos that covered all areas of the developing new genre. He began experimenting with productions of his own and when he met Dizzy and Einstein the stage was set for the 3 piece Voltron-like concoction to form.
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Andy, Dizzy and Young Einstein deliver another musically different, totally independent, 12 plus track, boundary pushing record. This time the trio got a bit more personal but UD wouldn't be themselves if they didn't inject the listener with some humor as well. The samples used on this record are just amazing...  full review at style43.com
1. I Won't Let It Die
2. Takedown
3. Audacity (1 & 2)
4. Falling Again
5. It's Gone
6. I Wanna Believe
7. Einstein Do It
8. Lonely Ones
9. Pay Or Quit
10. Right Now
11. It Never Mattered
12. Oh Yeah
"Bang for the Buck" is prove positive that in 2006, despite a long hiatus, Ugly Duckling hadn't lost their spark or desire to be dope without "Grammys or platinum plaques." The lyrics aren't gangster but they're far from wishy-washy or weak and come off even more impressive when delivered to such a high speed tempo...  full review at rapreviews.com
1. Bang for the Buck
2. Yudee!
3. The Breakdown
4. Left Behind
5. Smack
6. Einstein's On Stage
7. Let It Out
8. Lower The Boom
9. Andy vs. Dizzy
10. Slow The Flow
11. Shoot Your Shot
12. The End Of Time
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The Long Beach trio turns out jazz-influenced hip-hop with a sense of humor. Hooky beats, too. check out "Turn It Up" and "Energy Drink," which get funky while demonstrating the evils of meat consumption...  review at rollingstone.com
1. Opening Act
2. Turn It Up
3. Meatshake
4. Dumb It Down
5. Abigail Silk
6. Energy Drink
7. Drive-Thru
8. Mr. Tough Guy
9. Pass It On
10. La Revolucion
11. Pottymouth
12. Daisy
13. The Confrontation
14. Rio De Janeiro
15. I Wanna Go Home
16. Goodnight Now
"Journey to Anywhere" completely lives up to it's dope introduction. The chemistry between the two emcees is like early Tip and Phife. Andy's rhymes are a little more serious, while Dustin gets wackier with punchlines. The balance works very well...  full review at rapreviews.com
1. Introduckling
2. I Did It Like This
3. Journey To Anywhere
4. Friday Night
5. A Little Samba
6. The Pike
7. If You Wanna Know
8. Eye On The Gold Chain
9. Pickup Lines
10. Rock on Top
11. Oasis
12. Dizzy
13. Down The Road
14. Lay It On Ya
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In the 1990's, the term "fresh" was seldom heard on rap recordings anymore. So when Ugly Duckling used it repeatedly on their debut EP "Fresh Mode," they made no secret of their dissatisfaction with much of the hardcore rap of the late 90's. By saying "fresh" they were longing for a more creative era in hip-hop...  full review at allmusic.com
1. Fresh Mode
2. Now Who's Laughin'
3. Get On This
4. Einstein's Takin' Off
5. Everybody C'mon
6. Do You Know What I'm Sayin'
7. Everything's Alright
8. We're Here

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